About The Book

Why I wrote The Dweller’s Guide

Like many couples facing the prospect of an empty nest, my wife and I considered the question: now we can live anywhere, where do we want to live? Once, when we were thinking about where to take a holiday, we were struck by the idea that we could go anywhere and we began an online search.

But we had some limitations. We could only go and return on certain dates so were limited by availability. We like villas but dislike hotels. This cut it down further. We like warm weather and isolation – there’s plenty of each but not so much of both. We like to fly from our local airport. We needed a degree of luxury but only had so much to spend.

By the time we had fed all our requirements into the search we found that, far from being able to go anywhere, there were, in fact, only a very small handful of options available to us. We wondered where this approach would lead to when applied to the question of where to live.

The Dweller’s Guide is the result.

You can buy it for a mere £2.25 on Amazon: The Dweller’s Guide To The Planet

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