Hong Kong

Hong Kong

China Plans to lock up 2 million people in Hong Kong.

The original Dweller’s Guide to The Planet  had this to say about Hong Kong:

“Hong Kong is an administrative region of China. There are Pro-Beijing parties, pro independence parties and ‘localists’ who are somewhere in between. The elections are fair except that Beijing determines who can stand and its own reading of the law that requires oaths of office to be taken ‘sincerely and solemnly’ determines who can then take their place in the Legislative Council. They call it ‘One Country, Two systems’ – it looks more like Two Countries, One System, soon to be One Country, One System.”

That prediction came a big step closer to being true today when China banned the Hong Kong National Party because it supports independence for Hong Kong. In other words, there will, going forward, only be pro-Beijing parties allowed in Hong Kong. It is the first time any political party has actually been banned since China took back control of Hong Kong in 1997. It is now illegal to be a member of HKNP; it is illegal to participate in any activity for HKNP. Anyone who does so faces three years in prison.

What Beijing is saying is that it is now forbidden to even want independence for Hong Kong – we are not talking about achieving it, just wanting it. Presumably, the ban extends to thinking about independence or even dreaming about independence too?

Let’s face it, Independence Movements are a real pain the neck and China has come up with a great way to deal with them. Don’t bother with trying to stop referendums like Spain did with Catalonia; don’t worry about engaging in (occasionally) serious debate like the UK did with Scotland; just lock the-good-for nothings up and ban their parties. Job done.

Thank you Xi-Jinping, for yet again, showing true leadership to the rest of the world.

The only problem is that since nearly 20% of all Hong Kong citizens want independence and 40% of those under 25 want it, you are going to have to lock up quite a few people, probably around 2 million of them. 

Hong Kong
7.5 million people in Hong Kong. Why not lock them all up, Mr Xi-Jinping?


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