Is Living in Spain one long siesta?

Spain outline map

I’ve heard of long lunch breaks but…

Carlos Recio, a Spanish civil servant has discovered a great advantage of living in Spain. Apparently, you can take a very long siesta – in his case, lasting over ten years. Every weekday morning he turned up and clocked in at his office in Valencia’s provincial government and, at 4pm he clocked out again. Nothing wrong with that – except that during the interim, he was back home with his feet up. On being discovered and fired he described his professional life to the Valencian Tribunal he appeared before, as ‘working like a slave’. I thought slavery is when you work but don’t get paid, not when you get paid but don’t work. One wonders how the people who turn up to work everyday and actually do stuff, describe their professional lives? Also, of some concern is that it took a decade for any of his co-workers (‘co-slaves’?) to discover his absence. Perhaps they’ve been at home with their feet up too?

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