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Nicaragua lives down to its bad name


The Dweller’s Guide To The Planet disqualified Nicaragua as a bad regime.

This is what the entry had to say:

“The Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega was elected President in 2006. He has been there ever since. He persuaded the National Assembly to change the constitution in 2014 so that he could stand for a third term in 2016. His wife is vice President. With no hint of irony, the Supreme Court contrived some nonsense to remove the leader of the opposition from the National Assembly and then removed 16 other members of the opposition for objecting to the removal of their leader. It’s been bad for years and it’s only getting worse.”

And, true to form, it is indeed getting worse. On Sunday 15th July Ortega’s forces and gangs sanctioned by him attacked the community of Monimbo killing 10 people. 300 have so far been killed in clashes between demonstrators and Ortega’s forces. Here’s an idea Daniel, why not hold a fair and free election and actually let the opposition stand against you?


ballot box
Mr Ortega. Remember what these are for?


If you want to learn more about the defence of human rights in Nicaragua, The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights is the place to go.