Don’t bother waiting for the results of the Zimbabwe election…democracy lost.

What are the essential ingredients of democratic process?

  1. Truthful election campaigns, followed by…
  2. Free and fair elections, followed by
  3. Respectful silence while the results are being counted, leading to…
  4. Undisputed election results, and…
  5. Peaceful transfers of power, giving rise to new governments which enjoy…
  6. Full terms in parliament, without being derailed by military force or legal action, at the end of which the cycle is repeated.

For a while it looked liked Zimbabwe might achieve or partially achieve most of these, but that’s all been trashed now:

X For the MDC, Chamisa’s election campaign was more or less pure fantasy…

In January he said he would solve the country’s three-year-old liquidity crisis in two weeks and promised to leave office if he failed to do so. He didn’t explain how but economists around the world must be on tenterhooks.

He also promised to build a bullet train that would reduce the journey between Harare and Bulawayo (440km) – to  35 minutes. That was also quite impressive since no train exists that can achieve that speed.

Not to worry though, if the train doesn’t work he said he would build airports everywhere.

He was also going to throw out the Chinese and he’s going to get a $15billion aid gift from Donald Trump – good luck with that, it’s about as likely as the bullet train.

X The election may have been more or less free but Zanu-PF had too much control of the media for it to be called fair.

X Chamisa and his supporters firstly claimed victory in the parliamentary elections before the results were announced and then claimed victory in the presidential election before the          results were announced. Both claims were undignified, illegal and deliberately provocative. Mnangagwa has now also claimed victory in the presidential election in advance of the results announcement.

X MDC have accused the government of vote rigging and of delaying the results for their own ends. They will dispute any result other than a victory for themselves.

X There will not be a peaceful transfer of power. The army have already killed six protesters.

X The new government will only be able to serve a full term through the use of force and repression of opposition.

There were three, not two main candidates in this election, a crocodile, a cobra and democracy itself. Democracy lost.



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